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50+ Years Experience In Local, Island, and Offshore Fishing.

The best 6-Pack in Southern California saltwater fishing, the Blackfish has a huge selection of saltwater fishing trip lengths & types to choose from. ½ day to 2-day or longer target tuna, yellowtail, white seabas, calico bass, sand bass, barracuda, bonito, rockfish, & halibut. San Clemente, Catalina, Santa Barbra, and Catalina Islnads as well as offshore fishing for Pelagic tuna and more.

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What We Catch

Newport's Premier offshore, islands, and local 6-Pack boat!


We fish for bluefin, yellowfin, and albacore tuna in the summer and fall, offshore 25 to 150 miles.

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Yellowtail are present at our local Islands and Offshore, Targeted all year long.

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Whie Seabass

White Seabass live in the kelp beds along our coast and the local islands. May to July is the best time to try and catch a white seabass.

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Bonito fill the local, islands, and offshore fishing grounds through the year.

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Red Snapper, Lingcod, and more live 120 to 450 feet down around the Islands and local offshore structure. We target them all year long, great table fare.

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Calico Bass

We target bass at the local islands along the kelp beds. Fishing is good year around.

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Why Choose Us!

The BLACKFISH is a 2006 Cabo 35 Flybridge.

The quality of the BLACKFISH and Cabo Yachts is legendary. The Cabo flybridge model has become a favorite of hardcore Southern California fishermen. Over the years, this pocket battlewagon has been called “bulletproof” and “a benchmark for construction, design, and bluewater performance” by some of sportfishing’s most respected experts.








Team Member

An Experienced Team Make the Difference

Mitch Christensen
Mitch Christensen, a veteran fisherman of more than 25 years, will be the primary operator aboard the Blackfish. Throughout his career, Mitch has served in numerous roles, from pinhead to deckhand to captain, gaining invaluable experience and knowhow every step of the way. He has worked on iconic Southern California fishing boats, including the Southern Cal, Aztec, Premier, Monte Carlo, Enterprise, and City of Long Beach. Additionally, he has operated several private yachts, from Vikings to Pacificas to Hatteras. Working alongside and underneath some of the best captains, Mitch has taken their knowledge and put it to good use. As a captain himself for the past 15 years, Mitch has accomplished and caught everything there is to catch in the Southern California Bight - from local fishing (Bass and Barracuda) to island and offshore fishing (Tuna and Yellowtail). His passion and love for fishing are surpassed only by his love for his family - his beautiful wife, Stefanie, and their perfect daughter, Harlee.
Rusty Padia
Rusty Padia, an extremely accomplished and well-respected captain in the fishing community, was born and raised in Newport Beach, and has built his entire life around his love for the ocean. Rusty grew up fishing on the local sport boats, quickly falling in love with the Freelance out of Davey’s Locker. Mentored by the industry’s finest captains, Rusty gained invaluable knowledge as a deckhand that paved the way to earning his Captain’s License at the young age of 21 and taking over the operation shortly thereafter. Since then, Rusty has created an impressive reputation amongst his peers and passengers for his experience, maturity, dedication, and joy for the sport. Rusty also has experience operating private yachts up and down the coast, both locally and offshore. Additionally, he holds an unmatched knowledge of Catalina Island, spending the large majority of his time on the water operating full-day trips to the island. From fishing the kelplines and inside reefs for Halibut, Yellowtail, and Sea Bass, to deep water rockfishing for giant reds and Lingcod, Rusty simply excels. Rusty has earned the respect of the fishing community through hard work, commitment, and love of his job.
Michael Harkins
Michael Harkins, a Southern California native, has grown up on the ocean and traverses the waters like only a local can. Starting out on the Western Pride at age 16, Michael worked his way up the ranks until he was at the helm with a Captain’s License at age 21. Michael has now been operating the Western Pride as its full time operator for the past decade. Since then, Michael has worked tirelessly to learn not only the coastline, but both local islands and the full offshore scene. He has also spent a vast majority of days working on yachts from Newport Beach to San Diego. His focus is not only on catching the biggest fish (although that’s always a plus!), but creating a fishing experience that boasts of his steadfast commitment to proper handling, earnest scouting, and tireless effort. As a devoted husband and father to two young sons, Michael recognizes the intrinsic value of passing on a deep respect for the ocean to the next generation. Michael looks forward to providing an unforgettable experience for each passenger who steps aboard the Blackfish.
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